Social Franchise

ASPP is part this Progress European project with three other partner organizations which aims to look at different models across Europe to promote social engagement and entrepreneurship.

ASPP role in this partnership is :

  • To provide a study of the model of Social Franchising we have successfully implemented through the set up of the company Aetes Environment
  • To look at the potential of duplicating Social Franchising in our partners’ countries of Sweden, Spain and UK.

A short definition of Social Franchising could be: the adoption of the commercial technique of franchising to serve social goals. The social goals are usually the creation of employment for disadvantaged people, but can also relate to tackling climate changes or promoting fair trade practices.

Created in 2009, Aetes Environment is the first social franchise in the cleaning industry and the result of a collaborative work between the commercial cleaning group Augias and the caritative organization ASPP (Association de Sauvegarde et de Promotion de la Personne). Aetes Environment offers the same high quality cleaning services as Augias but with the aim of social inclusion.

By analyzing how and why Aetes Environment works, we will try to draw some principles that can be exported and adapted to other European countries in order to promote a wider use of the Social Franchise model.

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