Diagrama Foundation

The actions and areas of expertise of Diagrama Foundation are concerned with the development of:

Prevention Programmes for young people (and their families) who find themselves at risk; to provide them with the skills and tools they need to help them resolve their problems in a constructive manner.

Social Inclusion Programmes to provide individualised itineraries with personal support and mentoring for all children and young people who wish to improve their personal situation and so that they may live with greater independence.

Social Skills Programmes which offer people the tools necessary for their social integration within the community. We believe it is very important to prepare our children and young people with the necessary skills to confront challenges in a rational and planned way, to teach them how to make use of the services at their disposal, plan and use their time in a positive manner.

International Cooperation Programmes for the development of projects to support organisations in developing countries with their work with children and young people, including street children, children and young people in conflict with the law, those suffering sexual exploitation, children in care, child soldiers and children living in countries where there are significant health problems.

Training and Research in specific intervention areas, in collaboration with different European and International universities in order to create knowledge and effective intervention strategies.

Communication and Raising Awareness to develop public opinion programmes with regards to the problems of children and young people at social risk and in conflict with the law, both in our country as well as in Europe, Africa and the Americas.

Integration Programmes in Young Offender Institutions, Secure Training Centres, Education Centres and Programmes to work with children and young people whose liberty is restricted by courts; targeted interventions to improve crime avoidance, health (including mental health), education achievement and personal growth. A continuum of care towards successful reintegration with family and/or the community.

Web: http://www.diagramafoundation.org.uk

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