Basta is a not-for-profit organisation, founded in 1994 and based outside Stockholm. Basta is run as a social enterprise that helps people find their way out of drugs and criminality through qualified work, housing, and meaningful spare time. The first year at Basta is part of the individual’s drug rehabilitation, and after this first initial year, the individual has the possibility to stay to become a co-worker in the company.

Basta is owned and run by former drug users. Of the people who live and work at Basta, 95 % have themselves had experience with drug abuse, and have overcome this drug abuse through Basta. This applies to management, middle management, and to more or less everyone that works in the company.

Basta offers help to self-help and the vision is to create better lives for the people at Basta. The rehabilitation methodology is empowerment through work. Basta offers work opportunities such as carpentry, graffiti removal, a stable, a dog nursery, and cleaning services. Today 100 people work at Basta, and 70 of them also live on the premises outside Stockholm.

Basta’s core competence is rehabilitating people from a long-term drug abuse through work. By giving people the opportunity to run a successful social enterprise, people grow and develop new skills and take on a new path in life. Since Basta is a social enterprise, the profit is reinvested each year to allow for more people to come to Basta.

Basta is founded on the principles of empowerment.


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