Our Mission

ASPP provides services of support and educational action to people (children, adolescents and adults) confronted with the difficulties of economic, social or family life.

Our objective is to enable each individual to become the actor of their own future. By offering a wide range of high quality services, ASPP contributes to the lasting integration of individuals who self-refer or are referred by Public Services.

Our Organization

Association for the Safeguard and Promotion of the Person (ASPP) is an organization present in the French Lot and Garonne department since 1936, with a strong track record in supporting disadvantaged people.

A united family, parents taking their responsibilities: that sounds natural.
However there cannot be many lives without clashes and challenges. ASPP is a group of organizations aiming to accompany individuals on these difficult parts of their life journey. Our ultimate goal is to enable individuals to reach their potential and to be reintegrated in society.

Public services and the Territorial collectivities are the main funders of our activities.

Our Method

Our working methodology has evolved over time. Our positive outcomes are primarily the result of an approach that does not focus on the weaknesses and limits of the individual or the situation, but on competences, talents, differences, motivation and ambition.

Our methodology is based on:

  • A fine analysis and the right diagnosis, taking into account obstacles, objectives, and individual potential. 
  • An active listening and a relationship based on trust contributing to a lasting social integration.
  • Socially responsible organizations where Staff and Directors draw their motivation and satisfaction from their engagement and the successful integration of the people they are supporting.
  • A great attention to the selection and recruitment of the Staff, their training, motivation and career management and progression.
  • A tight set of rules and policies to meet legal requirements and guarantee confidentiality.
  • A responsive attitude to the environment, by developing new activities to anticipate social needs, legal constraints and ever changing circumstances of today’s society.



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