Basta’s part in Greener Futures is Empowerment and Social Entrepreneurship.

In 2005 Basta’s founder, Alec Carlberg, wrote a report on empowerment and social mobilisation, “A better life is possible” where the basis of empowerment is explained.

Capturing empowerment and thereby improving ones life situation is a matter of both mental and physical changes. Through their theories, Maslow and Freire have contributed to a greater understanding of the prerequisites for personal empowerment processes to be started. Empowerment is about dialectic processes where progress and setbacks relieve each other. Well-functioning processes lead over time to increased personal insights and thereby greater space for the individual to take own, and for him or her positive, decisions. “A better life,” that has first been defined by the individual alone, is the core of empowerment. The desire for empowerment must therefore be drafted by the individual and can never be forced upon someone, since increased empowerment is won through a personal desire to change the own life situation.
(Alec Carlberg, ”A better life is possible”, page 32)

“The concept of empowerment should be constantly redefined and reconstructed, not just by so-called professionals but also through the actions and words of people wanting greater control over the services they receive. The authenticity of empowerment should derive from being rooted in the circumstances of those who use services, not those who deliver them”.
(The quote is from the English Sociologist Robert Adam’s book, Social Work and Empowerment, 2003, page 3)

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