Community Integration


Greener futures for Young people is a Project which goal is to generate new job opportunities for young people. Within its objectives we can find: Raising the profile of the not-for-profit sector as a career choice for young people, trying out new ways of creating jobs or developing a good practice model to support the social economy.

The Socio-Professional Integration Area of Fundación Diagrama has the objective of promoting social and labour integration by using personalised training, advice, accompaniment and monitoring itineraries for each individual’s integration process.

Participants in our programmes typically share the following characteristics:

  • Lack of work habits.
  • Poor social skills.
  • Broken families.
  • Low familiar attention.
  • Young people with family burdens.
  • History of school absenteeism and school dropout.
  • Lack of professional training.

Although we manage different type of programmes, in general we can point out some operative objectives, such as:

  • Diagnose the personal situation of each person to detect needs, skills, expectations, etc, in order to create a proper Integrated Inclusion Itinerary.
  • Offer an information and orientation service in order to enable them to participate actively.
  • Include in their training social skills and educational tools to develop decision taking skills.
  • Advise about how to do job-seeking actively.
  • Include Information Technologies in the training plans.
  • Keep in contact with the enterprises of the environment to create collaboration agreements.
  • Follow up the process of the participants during the incorporation to new jobs.
  • Motivate the participants to develop autonomy, problem solving, taking decisions and being aware of their reality.

Promoting reintegration of target groups in a risk situation or social exclusion is one of the main objectives of Fundación Diagrama, and giving these groups the opportunity of learning life and social skills, developing their autonomy and training them to get and maintain a job is a way of fighting against discrimination, social exclusion and poverty.

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